Tuesday, 27 September 2022


MSc Dimitry A. Makarov

Senior researcher at The Russian State Center for Animal Feed And Drug Standardization And Quality VGNKI, Rosselkoznadzor (Russia). He holds a master’s degree in microbiology (Lomonosov Moscow State Universi [...]

PhD David Psomiadis

Head of Laboratory / Business Development at Imprint Analytics GmbH (Austria). He performed academic research on isotope geochemistry and serves today as the link between isotope analytics and business manageme [...]

PhD Student Sara Moraca

She is a scientific journalist who writing appears on Nature, Inside Climate News, Wired UK, Corriere della Sera among others. She collaborates with universities and institutions for science communication. She [...]

PhD Balàzs Horvàth

Technical Director at Imprint Analytics GmbH (Austria). He has extensive experience with stable isotope analysis and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry. He uses his expertise to develop new methods and technical c [...]

PhD Maarten Van Dongen

Founder of AMR Insights (The Netherlands). He graduated in Microbiology and obtained his PhD in Chemistry. Over time he became involved with Antimicrobial resistance as a global challenge. In early 2017 he sta [...]

Jovan Baryamujura

Environmental Health Specialist/ Hoima Field Site Manager at Infectious Diseases Institute-IDI Knowledge Centre, Makerere University (Uganda). His areas of expertise are: infectious disease, policy, public/glob [...]

PhD Marty Blom

Food Allergy Risk Assessor at TNO (The Netherlands). Currently she is Program Leader of SRP Food Allergy Program (line 1) that aims to develop quantitative risk assessment and guidance for precautionary labelin [...]

PhD, Prof. Steve Taylor

Founding Director (retired) of the Food Allergy Research and Resource Program (FARRP), and Professor Emeritus with the Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Nebraska (US). His research intere [...]

PhD, Prof. Joseph Baumert

Associate Professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Food Science and Technology (US). His research interests include the examination of the digestive stability of major food allergens and deter [...]

MSc Maurizio Paleologo

CEO of Affidia and editor in chief of Affidia Journal. He has a Master degree in Biochemistry and started his career investigating the DNA adducts of PAH to DNA (University of Padova in cooperation with the Can [...]

PhD, Prof. Geert Houben

Principal Scientist Food Allergy and Immunotoxicology at TNO and Professor at UMC Utrecht (The Netherlands). He is specialised in risk assessment and risk management of allergens in food, emergency risk assessm [...]

Vlad Vorotnikov

Multimedia freelance journalist (Russia).He has been writing about the veterinary system in Russia & the CIS region since 2008. Occasionally, he reports about the health care service industry. He holds a ma [...]

PhD Naomi Bull

Research Fellow at Department of Population Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK). She has a multi-disciplinary background in veterinary sciences, infectious disease immunology, vaccine de [...]

MSc Allen R. Sayler

Senior Director of Food Consulting Services, EAS Consulting Group (US). He has expertise in the areas of food processing, particularly in the area of dairy processing, infant formula, bakery products, food addi [...]

PhD, Prof. Benjamin Remington

Managing Director at Remington Consulting Group B.V. (The Netherlands) and Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Nebraska (Department of Food Science & Technology - Food Allergy Research & Resour [...]

PhD Mashkoor Mohsin

Assistant Professor at Institute of Microbiology, University of Agriculture (Pakistan). The focus of his research is the molecular epidemiology of multidrug resistant bacteria at human-animal-environment interf [...]

PhD, Prof. Roland E. Poms

Professor of Food Science and Nutrition at IUBH (Germany). He holds MSc and PhD degrees in Food Technology and Biotechnology from BOKU, the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Aus [...]

PhD Madhavi Annamanedi

Research Associate at NIAB - National Institute of Animal Biotechnology (India). She is specialized in alternate antibacterial therapies, antimicrobial resistance, MRSA and Biofilm. [...]

PhD Francois Bourdichon

Principal consultant for Food Safety, Microbiology and Hygiene (France). He has spent 15 years working for major dairy and confectionary food business companies. Since 2010, he has been a French delegate at the [...]

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