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Alerts and recalls in the dataset
Allergen/product non-compliancy in recalls
Food alert per allergen
International food allergen list
Prevalence of food allergies
Reference doses for precautionary labels
Reference materials food allergens
RASFF alerts 2011-2016
MR from farm to fork
Antimicrobial consumption in Livestock
Antibiotic classes for vet use
Food production 1960-2010
Honey adulteration and analytical methods
Approach for the assessment of honey authenti
List of global dioxin crisis
Sources and impact in dioxin crisis
Transmission of antimicrobial resistance
Use of antimicrobial in livestock
RASFF notification s by risk type 2010-2019
Border rejections and imported tons ratio 201
Effects of mycotoxins on human health
Exports of pistachios from Iran and noncompli
Grain testing for mycotoxin contamination sur
Mycotoxins risk assessment milestons
Notification trends for primary import commod
RASFF alerts and border rejections 2010-2019
RASFF border rejections by origin 2010-2019
RASFF mycotoxin hazard notifications 2010-201
European food safety institutions
Non-targeted method representative sample
RASFF notification and COVID-19
RASFF notification and COVID-19 II
Requirements for non-targeted approaches
Non-targeted method
Targeted VS Non-Targeted analysis
Targeted VS Non-targeted methods
The food waste hierarchy
The 2017 fipronil scandal
PAL what matters in the decision
Allergen action levels
10 ppm Milk.. Is PAL necessary?
Aflatoxins how many time reach our plates
Mycotoxins how to avoid contamination
EFSA Ochratoxin Risk Assesment 2020

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