Wednesday, 12 June 2024

About us

Affidia Journal’s mission is to inform food and beverage industries and retailers about the best practices for controlling raw materials, monitoring production, and guaranteeing that final products are compliant both with regulations and with the voluntary quality standards widely-recognized by customers.

We help you determine what is worth testing for based on risk evaluation; we help you discover appropriate onsite screening and confirmatory analytical methods; and we update you on the status of rapid methods, the targets they are best suited for, and where in the supply chain they can be used. Allergens, chemical contaminants, genetically modified organisms, viral and microbial contaminants, and adulteration are obvious topics for Affidia Journal’s. But we go deeper into these topics by critically evaluating regulatory limits on contaminants; discussing the evolution of analytical limits, validated methods, and certified products and devices; investigating the efficiency of governmental control activities; highlighting governmental delays or “holes” in enforcement activities that affect different food business operators unequally; and reporting when food contaminant limits are used to put trade barriers in place even when the scientific community agrees that the risk to consumers is negligible.

Our journal is not a catalogue of products and services with the look of a science journal. It is truly independent media where professionals can get the latest information and develop their knowledge to employ the best methodologies and resources in the industry to achieve excellence in food safety. We provide fully independent news and insights and when we host vendor content, it is clearly labeled as such.

Affidia Journal’s was born in Italy but we are creating an editorial team of people from all over the world. We care what the FDA, EFSA, or China FDA have to say, but we also consider the Codex Alimentarius and the regulations in low- and middle-income countries. We are as concerned with the efforts of the growers of the Iran Pistachio Association or the seafood farmers of Vietnam as we are with what large food corporations are doing, always with an eye to food quality and safety.

Finally, we are a Benefit Company. We have a unique goal: to contribute to a better world through the One Health approach. We have to protect the health of this planet, to leave wild animals in their native habitats, to set in place true animal welfare policies that ban “animal factories”. We must develop organic agriculture and farming as much as possible while also educating consumers about the health and ethical problems associated with cheap foods that are often the result of unfair practices or the exploitation of child labor. We must ensure consumers understand that wherever food comes from, it is worth the extra cost to produce food ethically and in balance with the environment, without residues or other contaminants. We promote the circular economy and we support the development of businesses that respect the environment and safeguard the health of both employees and customers.

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