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MoniQA is an international and interdisciplinary network of professionals from institutions working in food research, regulatory bodies and trade, providing solutions to promote a safer and secure food supply worldwide. MoniQA facilitates international research collaborations to enable services and products for food safety & quality assurance. MoniQA contributes to the development and validation of analytical methods, provides training and continuous professional development (CPD), consultancy and socio-economic impact assessment.

Food law latest is a legal and consultancy firm specialized in food, feed, and food contact material regulatory matters. With a unique mix of legal and technical experts, they proudly work at the intersection of food, law, and science, to provide clients actionable solutions, help them to navigate the complex food regulatory landscape, and orient their business strategies. is one of the best renown informative channel in the sector.  

The “International Society for Mycotoxicology”, founded in 2005 by a consortium of international experts, aims to increase scientific knowledge concerning biology, chemistry and any sciences/disciplines related to mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi, through membership networking, scientific meetings, symposia, discussions, technical courses and publications. Active participation of food chemists and technologists, plant pathologists and breeders, mycologists and fungal biologists, toxicologists and nutritionists, veterinarians and medical doctors is expected. The Society will promote research on mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi thereby leading to prevention and reduction in exposure to mycotoxins, enhanced food safety and a greater public awareness of this area. The Society is registered as a non-profit association in accordance with the Italian law from which it derives all rights as a legal entity.

FACTS provides the highest-quality food testing, consulting solutions and training, so that food businesses across South Africa and the world can ensure their products are safe and comply with regulations and standards.

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