Tuesday, 27 July 2021

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Affidia is an innovative benefit company that provide services for food safety and food controls.
Affidia, Journal of Food Diagnostics (AffidiaJFD) is the media branch of Affidia.

The mission of AffidiaJFD is to deliver independent information to food safety managers, advisors, auditors, laboratory heads, as well as scientist and students in the same field.

We provide our contents as:

  • - News (in our Newsletter active from April 2021)
  • - Articles Journal since November 2019, online since January 2021)
  • - Podcasts (active from May 2021)
  • - Video
  • - Books (Affidia Reviews)

But we also organize interactive events:

  • - Webinars (since February 2021)

All contents are available on www.affidiajournal.com .

There are several possibilities to promote your products or services through our tools, from sponsored news to custom webinars, advertorials, banners etc. Please have a look at our Media Kit 2021 for detailed information.

For any question or proposal please contact us at: [email protected]

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