Tuesday, 27 July 2021

PhD, Prof. Gianni Galaverna

PhD, Prof. Gianni Galaverna

Professor of food Chemistry at University of Parma (Italy).

He has been studying food chemistry and food safety for 25+ years, with a particular focus on bioactive compounds and xenobiotics. He has applied several innovative chromatographic and mass spectrometry methodologies to study the occurrence of bioactive food components and the effect of processing technologies on their chemical modifications. His main field of research is related to natural bioactive compounds and natural toxins, with a special focus on mycotoxins. In this field, he focused his scientific activities on the occurrence and transformations of mycotoxins in food and feed, and on their metabolic fate in planta and in mammals (humans). Moreover, he applied target and untarget analytical approach for the profiling of volatile and non-volatile compounds in food as well as metabolites in plants and humans.

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