Monday, 24 January 2022


Mycotoxins EU regulations: are the limits too strict, too weak, or just fine?

The contamination of food and feed with mycotoxins is a global threat to food safety and has great public health and economic significance. The EU has regulated most mycotoxins in some way since 2006 and all Food Business Operators (FBOs) must guarantee their products are compliant with the regulatory limits. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is continuously updating its risk assessment to advise the EU Commission about the need for new limits and/or changes to the existing limits.   Because the occurrence of mycotoxin contamination is very high, the job of FBOs is not easy and the costs associated with mycotoxins risk management are extensive. Mycotoxin contamination risk is very weather [...]

Mycotoxins in the Food Chain

The contamination of food and feed with mycotoxins is a global threat to food safety and has great public health and economic significance.     Affidia - The Journal of Food Diagnostics is offering a two-day event: a workshop with totally independent content!       ✗ webinar ✓ online workshop – great content that goes the extra mile  Totally independent – ZERO sponsor presentations, 100% independent contents  Know what to expect – presentations and materials will be available before the event  Be active – send your questions in advance  Recorded video – if you miss the live event visit and watch it o [...]

Food Allergen Risk Management: Breaching the Gap

Topics: 1) Severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis – data for frequency and source or place of reaction (packaged food, catering, take-away food, home cooking, private parties) 2)  Analytical power and reliability in food allergen risk management decision-making  3)  Challenges in the food businesses (food manufacturing, restaurants, catering) and the efficacy of food allergen risk management: best practices and biggest threats according to auditors  Panel discussion and conclusions: Where are the gaps? Where should future efforts focus? Are better regulations (thresholds) the answer? Can food businesses improve risk management? Are more sensitive/reliable methods of analys [...]

Frozen Food and the Threat of SARS-CoV-2

WHO, FAO, FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius, the US CDC, the EU CDC, and other international organizations have made it clear that SARS-Cov-2 is not a foodborne disease. “There is no evidence to date of viruses that cause respiratory illnesses being transmitted via food or food packaging…. It is highly unlikely that people can contract COVID-19 from food or food packaging” (   However, there is evidence that SARS-CoV-2 was transferred on food packaging across international borders. Chinese authorities in 2020 inspected and sampled millions of cold-chain foods and in a few cases blocked the import of meat or fish because testing revealed the presence of the virus’ ge [...]

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