Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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Food control: Allergens - gluten

ReMaGI - The new reference materials for allergens

Food control: Mycotoxins

Modern analysis of mycotoxins: sample preparation, detection techniques, and future perspectives on an underestimated hazard

Food control: Mycotoxins

The future of mass spectrometry in mycotoxin analysis

Food Safety: Allergens - gluten

From reality to virtuality: the NUTRIBOX e-commerce platform guides vulnerable consumers in making safe and healthy food choices

Food Safety: Industrial

European-Funded FoodIntegrity Project: assuring quality and authenticity in the food chain

Food control: Point of view

Food allergen analysis – the analyst’s dilemma

Foreword Vol.3 Nr.2

Food control: Mycotoxins

Aflatoxin M1, is it time for a change? (Part 1)

Food Safety: Microbiology

Organic food production safety: is organic food safer?

Food control: Pathogens, Microbiology

A glance at zoonoses and foodborne outbreaks in Europe

Food control: Industrial, Microbiology

Reducing pre-enrichment time for fastidious bacteria detection via Real-Time PCR

Food Safety: Pathogens, Microbiology

The notorious case of Campylobacter spp.: an overview of the increasingly antimicrobial-resistant foodborne pathogen

Food Safety: GMOs

CRISPR regulation review: is it irrational?

Food control: REGS

India’s food safety ecosystem

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