Food Contact Materials: Analytical and Regulatory Issues

20/10/2023 - 15:00 - 17:30 GMT+2

Maurizio Paleologo

Dario Dainelli
Malcolm Driffield, PhD
Lisa Filindassi
Laura Markley, PhD
Francesca Mostardini
Roberto Ronzoni
Marco Scialpi
Rachida Semail
Marinella Vitulli

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Choosing and purchasing the right packaging is not an easy task for Food Business Operators. The product should satisfy the need to preserve food or beverages while also attracting the attention of consumers. Additionally, there is an increasing marketing push for a "green" choice, considering the growing environmental concerns. Many packaging producers offer items made from recycled plastics or paper. While this is a way to be sustainable, in such cases, "non-intentionally added substances" (NIAS) that can contaminate the product are more frequently present.  

This webinar aims to provide information about the evolution of the regulatory and risk management scenario, featuring high-level scientific talks followed by insights about services offered by some vendors.  


Day 1 (October 19th)

15:00-15:10  Why this webinar
                     Maurizio Paleologo (Affidia)  

15:10-15:40  Where we are, where are we going
                     Dario Dainelli (Dario Dainelli Policy and Regulatory Affairs)
                     - FCM and the Green Deal after the Timmermans's era: should we expect different directions?
                     - FCM in the light of chemical policy and "new REACH"; expected impact and potential policy options
                     - Sustainable and safe: how the food contact legislation can take two birds with one stone?

15:40-16:00  Main FCMs and risk of contaminations
                     Marinella Vitulli (Food Contact Center) - Lisa Filindassi (Food Contact Services)
                     - Regulatory overview and updates
                     - Different approaches to evaluate the compliance and the safety of the FCM
                     - Focus on currently most critical contaminants
                     - Cases history and problem solving based on tailored analysis
                     - Impacts on human body

16:00-16:30  The EU Regulatory framework
                     Rachida Semail (partner Keller and Heckman LLP)
                     - The EU harmonized legislation
                     - National requirements in certain sectors
                     - Mutual recognition to navigate through national laws

16:30-17:00  USA Regulation and Safety Assessment of Food Contact Substances
                     Laura Markley, PhD (US Food and Drug Administration)
                     - US FDA legal authority
                     - Food Contact Notification Program process
                     - Safety assessment framework
                     - Recommended safety testing based on exposure tier
                     - Considerations of new approach methodologies

17:00-17:05  Sponsors' video messages  

17:05-17:30  Q&A     

Day 2 (October 20th)

15:00-15:20  Sustainable packaging global regulatory framework, knowledge and compliance challenges for food
                     Marco Scialpi (FCM Consultant)
                     - Global regulatory trend and main legislation for sustainable packaging
                     - How to manage the compliance of a sustainable packaging
                     - Challenges related to sustainable packaging compliance

15:20-15:50  How to manage the risk in a food industry
                     Francesca Mostardini (C.A.R.E & Sustainability)
                     - Why the food industry should deal with the chemical risk
                     - How to manage the chemical risk related to FCM
                     - Assessment of exposure to chemical contaminants (approaches and methods)
                     - Risk communication

15:50-16:10  Targeted and non-targeted analysis on FCM
                     Roberto Ronzoni (Neotron part of the Cotecna Group)
                     - What are targeted and non-targeted analysis
                     - Specific migration testing into food simulants and food
                     - Multi-determinative analysis of metals and elements
                     - Non-targeted analysis: NIAS screening 
                     - Analysis of Mineral Oil

16:10-16:30  Non-intentionally added substances (NIAS): What are they and what do I need to do about them?
                     Malcolm Driffield, PhD (Exponent)
                     - What are NIAS?
                     - Where do they come from?
                     - Brief history of NIAS
                     - How to identify and quantify NIAS
                     - Evaluation of NIAS detected

16:30-16:35  Sponsors' video messages

16:35-17:00  Q&A  


Who should attend

This webinar will provide valuable information to:  

• Food processors / Food retailers / Food services
   - Food quality/safety managers
   - Purchasing dept. managers
   - Regulatory managers
• Service laboratories
• HACCP consultants
• Consultants / Auditors of GSFI approved standards
• Consumer associations
• Food producers associations


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