Mycotoxins risk, an update

25/05/2023 - 15:00 - 17:00 GMT+2

Maurizio Paleologo

Prof. Armando Dias Venâncio, PhD
Prof. Limbikani Matumba, PhD
Raquel C. Medeiros, PhD
Mónica Molero Monfort
Silvia Tombesi
Frans Verstraete

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Why this event

As we learned in our past webinars about mycotoxins, we need to monitor the risk of contamination to save resources and prevent wrong decisions about raw materials.  

The origin of the commodities, the weather conditions, the level of preventive measures implemented by farmers, as well as the frequency of incidents and recalls must be considered. Inspection and certification companies can prevent the import of non-compliant raw materials, but sometimes the goods maintain a level of risk, particularly now with new lower EU Maximum Limits in place or incoming.  

Analytical methods, both rapid onsite and laboratory ones, are sensitive and precise, and interlaboratory variation is acceptable, but sampling and sometimes sample preparation requires a lot of resources and knowledge. Because of this, commercial litigations and even the seizure of goods can occur. Scientists worked and are still working to develop post-harvesting mitigation methods, nevertheless, mycotoxins are still one major cause of recalls and incidents.  

In this webinar, you will be informed about the latest methods to prevent contaminated raw materials from entering your production process, the mitigation procedures available, the most effective techniques for collecting and preparing samples, and the recent changes in regulatory limits.  



15:00 - 15:05 Introduction by Affidia Journal  

15:05 - 16:25 Presentations  
- "FBOs facing the challenge of new mycotoxins regulation" by TBA    
- "Mitigation methods” by Prof. Armando Venancio, PhD  
- "Sampling, sample preparation” by Prof. Limbikani Matumba, PhD  
- "Regulatory update” by Frans Verstraete  

16:25 Tech solutions on the market by the Sponsors  

16:40 Q&A session  

17:00 Conclusions  



Who should attend

This webinar will provide valuable information to:  
• food safety professionals;  
• food technologists;  
• safety and quality managers;  
• food safety auditors;  
• food regulatory experts;  
• laboratory directors, managers, and supervisors;  
• plant operations;  
• production specialists;  
• Food scientists.  

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The format  

As in any Affidia Talks, there will be a clear separation between the free opinions of the experts, the points-of-view of the stakeholders, and the advertisements of suppliers of products or services.    


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