Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Articles - Food Control

Food control: Valid / Certification

Validation and Verification: the ISO 16140 scheme to choose the best method for your microbiological laboratory

Food control: Industrial

Cotecna tackles the giants of the food testing market

Food control: Analytical QA

Moving towards smart sampling for food safety, quality, and fraud control

Food control: Allergens/gluten

Evolution of analytical methods and current gaps in food allergen detection

Food control: Analytical QA

Outsourcing analytical controls

Food control: Review,Food Frauds

Rapid, non-targeted, validated mass spectrometric methods in food authentication: What exactly is our target?

Food control: Food Frauds

Next-generation sequencing at the table: addressing fraud and current culture-based methods

Food control: Review,Mycotoxins

Multi-mycotoxin immunoassay-based testing: research vs. commercial

Food control: Microbiology

Grain testing for mycotoxin contamination: are test kits and analytical services fit for purpose?

Food control: Review,Mycotoxins

Ochratoxin A: the unknown about a very well-known mycotoxin

Food control: Drug residues / AMR

Multiplex binding assays for the detection of antibiotic residues in food

Food control: Allergens/gluten

Diagnostic tests for detection of allergens in food

Food control: Allergens/gluten

ELISA kits… quantitative or not?

Food control: Allergens/gluten

Perspectives in the service laboratories

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