Outsourcing analytical controls

Spotlight on a young, fast-growing network: Tentamus Group.

TENTAMUS GROUP KEY FIGURESENTAMUS GROUP KEY FIGURESFounded in: 2011Present in: 19 countriesNumber of laboratories: more than 65Revenues (2019): not providedEmployees: 3 000

Food companies outsource most of their analytical controls. Apart from antibiotics in milk and mycotoxins in grains (dairy industries, grain drying and storage plants, some feed producers) almost all of it is conducted in specialized service laboratories. The food testing business has grown rapidly in the last 30 years due to both the introduction of regulatory limits for thousands of chemical and microbiological contaminants and to growing concern over food fraud and adulteration. According to recent market studies (MarketsandMarkets, Global Market Insights, Grand View Research), the global value of the food testing market is now about USD 17-20 billion worldwide and it continues to grow at a rate of about 7% per year. This business volume includes test kits (pathogen PCR, immunoassay for chemical contaminants, etc.). The analytical service business itself, however, is probably responsible for about USD 15 billion of the total value. At least 65% of this business is fragmented into a few thousand small companies, each acting locally, with only one or just a few laboratories in a single country. At the opposite end, probably about 30% of this market is comprised of a few multinational companies (e.g. Eurofins, Merieux, Nutrisciences, ALS, Intertek, SGS) with hundreds of laboratories each. The remaining 5% of this market is comprised of a handful of intermediate-size companies. These companies also have laboratories in several countries like the big players and often, like them, also operate to a lesser extent in some non-food testing markets such as the environmental and pharmaceutical markets. Affidia has decided to start a journey to report to our readers about these medium-size multinational companies, about their vision, and about how are they working and growing in the worldwide market. To begin, we spoke with Mr. Nicola Berruti, CEO at Tentamus Italia.
Where and when Tentamus was born?Headquartered in Germany, Tentamus is a multinational company focused on quality and safety services in the agri-food sector as well as in the cosmetic, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. The Tentamus Group was founded in Berlin in 2011.
Who was the founder of Tentamus? Was he a chemist or an entrepreneur with another background?There are actually two founders: Dr. Jochen P. Zoller and Abgar Barseyten. Before Dr. Zoller co-founded Tentamus, he was entrusted with the leadership and development of the London-based food and agriculture division of Intertek, a global leader in analysis, inspection, and certification of products and systems. In addition, he was the Chairman of Intertek Germany, responsible for all firm activities in the domestic market. Dr. Zoller began his career in the field as the founding manager of TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) Vitacert GmbH in 2000. He earned his PhD in the field of chemistry at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and also holds a MBA from the OUBS in Great Britain. He has also worked and studied at MIT in Cambridge, USA, and at Oxford University in Great Britain. In addition to his experience in the field of foodstuff inspection and the development of new markets and business segments, Dr. Zoller has a solid scientific background in the

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