Verification of A2 milk authenticity enabled by rapid, on-site tests | Sponsored |

Dairy companies worldwide are motivated to produce A2 milk to respond to the consumer demand for a perceived healthier alternative to conventional dairy. As the interest in A2 milk grows, the milk industry faces an increasing need for proving the authenticity of the products they are offering.

To answer the market’s demands, Swiss foodtech company SwissDeCode has developed a range of rapid DNA tests that can be completed at the farm or dairy processing, distribution, and retail. The first product of the A2 family of tests is the DNAFoil® A2 Cow Milk Test, a rapid, on-the-spot kit that allows dairy companies to detect the presence of A1-type milk in A2 milk batches. Later, as customers expressed their interest in testing not only batches of milk, but also individual cows, SwissDeCode launched the DNAFoil® A2 Cow Test, a solution to identify A2 milk-producing cows that helps dairy farmers and herd managers to quickly segregate their cows. All kits include all the necessary material to perform the test and provide clear, reliable, and easily interpretable results in under 50 minutes.

By offering products that are useful to breeders, farms, processing companies and others, the A2 family of tests has the potential to secure the authenticity and transparency of a large part of the A2 milk supply chain.  

Can A2 milk be the answer to some of the challenges dairy companies face nowadays, such as low growth forecasts, price volatility and increased competition? How can dairy producers innovate with A2 milk, while guaranteeing its authenticity? Learn more in SwissDeCode’s article "A2 milk as a catalyst for innovation in the Dairy Industry".