The MycoKey-Mycotwin Conference

The MycoKey-Mycotwin Conference (Horizon 2020 projects) will take place over three days, (9-12 Novembere 2021) with 11 open scientific sessions dedicated to different aspects/topics aiming to cover the management of mycotoxin risk in food and feed chain in an holistic view.  Combined to the Conference is the 2nd International Forum on Mycotoxins in Animal Production that will deal with the main mycotoxins effect on animal production at global level.    

The results presented are a collection of the best and interesting achievements of the MycoKey project and the dissemination messages on mycotoxins and toxigenic fungi of MycoTwin project. Worldwide and renowned international scientists will present their relation in the following sessions:    

1) Biodiversity & Toxigenic Fungi Monitoring innovative monitoring methods for toxigenic fungi and mycotoxins  
2) Challenges in Mycotoxin Analysis in food and feed food and feed remediation, intervention and processing for mycotoxin reduction  
3) Prevention of mycotoxigenic fungi in the field  
4) Food and feed Remediation, Intervention & Processing  
5) Functional Genomics of Toxigenic Fungi  6) Control of mycotoxigenic fungi and mycotoxins in the field  
7) Modelling and ICT solutions  
8) Mycotoxin effects on animal production  
9) Mycotoxin Control in Animal Feed  
10) Global impact of mycotoxins  
11) Voices from Mycotoxin Societies in the World    

The events is under the aegis of the International Society for Mycotoxicology and it is sponsored by 13 worldwide renowned companies.  

The Conference is a great example of synergistic interaction among the worlds of science, institutions, communications, and companies.