Foreword Vol.4 Nr.1/2

Affidia is now in its third year of activity. We started just a few months before the Covid-19 pandemic shook the world. One of the consequences of this global disaster was the cancellation of scientific conferences in 2020-2021. Even at the beginning of 2022, some conferences are still being cancelled, others are taking on hybrid forms, and the number of participants attending in person is much smaller than in the past. Affidia reacted rapidly, moving our magazine online at the beginning of 2021, but Affidia Journal would have gotten into more hands if we had been able to distribute print copies at more conferences and technical meetings.

However, after transitioning almost completely into the digital space, we began offering virtual events in addition to the online Affidia Journal. In 2021, we broadcast 4 online events, all about food safety and food testing, of course. We started with a traditional format that included PowerPoint presentations followed by Q&A sessions. Our expert panels had big audiences and we soon learned that the public was more interested in the discussion than in mini scientific conferences.

Since our last event of 2021 (Mycotoxin EU Regulations), Affidia events have no longer been simple webinars; they are now more like exciting technical talk shows. Affidia Talks virtually bring to the table all the stakeholders along the food chain, including companies that develop, produce and supply test kits, instruments, and analytical services. Representatives of government institutions, including agencies for food safety, as well as consumer association, certification, and accreditation bodies, also actively participate in Affidia Talks. Both the public and our sponsors have appreciated this new format.

We will broadcast four Affidia Talks this year. One has already been completed and a replay is now available to watch online at (Rapid Methods for Onsite Detection of Mycotoxins). A second Talk on food allergens will take place on June 16. Two more Talks will take place later in the year, one on pesticide residues, and the other on antibiotics in food and AMR. We won’t stop publishing new papers regularly through Affidia Journal online, but we are limiting the print issues this year to two. We will also publish and print some compelling monographic issues, such as the one we are going to present at the World Mycotoxin Forum in Parma, May 16-18.

Those who share our vision and want to contribute to a free source of information about innovative ways to protect consumers can send us proposals for new papers. There is no deadline for the online magazine and no cost for publication in the online or printed issues. One common thread connects all our media: independence, a clear distinction between technical content and sponsored content, and a global approach that seeks to highlight countries or regions that are rarely reported on in journals.

For the first time, this year we will have the opportunity to meet many of our authors and readers in person. Please visit us at the World Mycotoxin Forum, Parma, and at RAFA2022, Prague, where we are a Media Partner. We cannot wait to meet you to celebrate Affidia’s success as a trusted, valuable, and unique media presence in the food safety and food analytics community.

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