Counterfeit soluble coffee: money and health at stake

Nestlé is warning customers about the counterfeiting of a soluble coffee advertised as "Nescafé Gold," which, according to current information, is most likely offered at weekly markets and smaller businesses. Because the product is suspected of containing fragmented glass and plastic, customers should not consume it under any circumstances because it poses a serious health risk.    

The product is packaged in what seems to be an older edition of Nescafé Gold. Nevertheless, Nestlé made it clear that they did not make or sell this product.    

The following features separate the counterfeit from the genuine: the counterfeit product's EAN code is 405500210900; the batch number is 60820814B1 9:15; and the best before date (BBD) is 10-21. Furthermore, the counterfeit coffee's packaging differs significantly from the container in which Nestlé actually offers its product.    

Nestle issued a public statement in which it stated the following, “We are shocked by the criminal activities and deeply condemn the fact that our brand has been illegally counterfeited and marketed. The quality and safety of our products are our top priority”.    

Nestlé has already contacted the appropriate authorities, requesting that they investigate and put a stop to this unlawful behavior. Customers who purchased counterfeit coffee and have it at home are advised to contact the police right away. Preliminary evidence points to it being part of a criminal network that is already under investigation. The Dutch government has also issued a warning about the bogus goods following this incident.