Adulterated milk on supermarket shelves in Italy?

A few days ago (22.04.24) the Italian police (NAS, an anti-fraud body of Carabinieri) found the evidence that a dairy industry in the Marche region was used to add sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide to the raw milk. Both practices are forbidden in the EU. They did this because the raw milk was often not preserved in a correct way by farmers and microorganisms were already growing too much when the milk arrived at the factory. The microflora produces lactic acid and so the pH of the milk become too low, making it unsuitable for the market. The management of the industry is now prosecuted, and tons of milk and dairy products have been seized. At the same time, we have to report that the products of this industry are still on sales, no recall was ordered either by the producer or by public health authorities.



Il Resto del Carlino