India: FSSAI proposes exclusive certification to simplify food safety regulations

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has taken a significant step towards simplifying food safety regulations in India by proposing exclusive certification for all food products in the country. This move aims to streamline compliance procedures and eliminate regulatory redundancies. The proposal was discussed in the 43rd meeting of the FSSAI, and aligns with the "One Nation, One Commodity, One Regulator" framework.    

Under the proposed changes, FSSAI certification would become the sole mandatory benchmark for food products, rendering other certifications such as those from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) or AGMARK unnecessary. This simplification would greatly benefit businesses in the food sector, as they would only need to meet the standards set by a single authority.    

In addition to the certification changes, the meeting also saw the approval of various standards and amendments.

To ensure regulatory compliance, comprehensive manuals of methods of analysis for food products were also approved during the meeting. These manuals will serve as a guide for businesses seeking to meet the FSSAI's standards. However, before these decisions can be finalized and officially implemented, they are open for stakeholder comments.

The FSSAI's proposed changes represent a significant milestone in consolidating food safety regulations. If successfully implemented, these amendments could usher in a new era of streamlined and effective regulation in India's food industry. By reducing regulatory redundancies and simplifying compliance procedures, these changes have the potential to positively impact businesses and foster a more efficient food sector in the country.